In 2013 we started by accident in Georgia and now support Hockey Saves™ programs as healthy mental outlets in various areas including: Washington D.C., Washington State, Chicago and (Corporate HQ) in Nashville. We do participate in some travel tournaments and will play anywhere possible...(Hockey players understand this) We are expanding and will keep everyone posted as we grow. (It's not as easy as you think) If you want to explore a particular location...speak up and shoot an email info@hockeysaves.us


YES...as of May 15th, 2013, HOCKEY SAVES™, Inc. incorporated in Georgia as a non-profit and Registered in PA, IN, IL, TN, IN, GA, DC and more to come. We are a 501 (c) 3 class exemption charitable organization.

WHO CAN PLAY? GO TO PRO LIVE GAMES? SPECIAL EVENTS? (and HS covers the cost ***...)

Anyone interested in skating MUST first be active on our private roster. Click the tab above I WANT TO PLAY and fill out the on-line form. Once approved, all Active Duty, Prior Military (as long as you were Honorably Discharged), retired, active reserve  in ANY branch of the Military (DOD) can participate. For your security and ours, quality and overall good experience, PLEASE DO NOT INVITE PEOPLE TO RANDOMLY DROP IN AND SKATE. We appreciate ALL of you and if you served on the front line, ever, then you deserve a little ice time therapy. We also know when our Service Members are serving it takes a toll on the family...providing there is space available and prior approval we will allow only immediate family members to particiapte. (Please check with the local Hockey Saves™ Manager for availability) (Example: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Wife, Husband or Child currently Serving.) Shoot an email to info@hockeysaves.us or simply click the tab above, I WANT TO PLAY


When it comes to our pick up games we have everything from 'shoulda-been in the NHL to how do you spell NHL'...We definitely have some talent in the military but you certainly don't need to have a Stanley Cup Winner title to play and enjoy the good times only Hockey can provide. There's no checking or fighting and the better players are extremely supportive and helpful to those just learning. (You do not need to be USA Hockey Registered for pick up games however when we participate in USA Hockey Tournaments you are required to prove a current registration for USA Hockey.) The hockey world of people are simply the best people. If you've never played... you're missing out. Everyone had their first day on the ice. Go for it...learn it, love it.  


Expanding the HOCKEY SAVES™ family is certainly a priority for us however each State has its own crazy rules, registrations, guidelines and laws along with Federal Laws when it comes to Charitable Non-Profits...In other words Do NOT start a Hockey Saves™ chapter/ affiliation on your own. Email us INFO@HOCKEYSAVES.US 


Gathering support for our TROOPS so they can play HOCKEY & a few hours of 'nothing else matters'      #hockeyplayersunite  

CAN CIVILIANS PLAY? (for free or otherwise) 

We absolutely encourage our civilians to 'Thank' our Heroes personally and play IF there's room...however, civilians who play have "earned" their spot on the bench. Meaning, they've volunteered by  going far and above to help with  the program. Usually only one to four civilians play in a game providing there is room. Military players always trump civilians, even on game day.  On occasion we do have special events to raise awareness and  allow groups of civilians to jump on the ice with the Troops to personally 'Thank' our Service Members . (Civilians who are considered "Sponsors"  usually helped in covering expenses relating to ice time, equipment, travel etc...(ALL CIVILIANS WANTING TO SKATE MUST BE APPROVED FIRST)  


Sometimes... Due to strict non-profit and State by State guidelines these requests are done on a case by case basis.The best way to explore these options ...reach out to us with your idea, organization, event information and we'll get details regarding the request. Our Troops have often wanted to participate in community events as Hockey Saves™ representatives and this is AWESOME! #hockeyplayersunite


Any support is very much appreciated. We have some people who simply send our Soldiers #support messages on Twitter@hockey_saves or Facebook.com/hockey.saves , Instagram Hockey_saves. If you are a blogger...BLOG about it. If you're a reporter looking for a story...you have a story right here. Tell your local media about it, wear a  T-Shirt and wear it proud, play your games with our HOCKEY SAVES™ pucks or put our decals on your helmet.... and send us pictures of how you're supporting this cause (the Soldiers love seeing these displays of support)...we'll add it to our website..feel free to email us at any point info@hockeysaves.us

If you want to do a fundraiser for us or partner, become a full supporter or Volunteer in some way email us info@hockeysaves.us ... We welcome all ideas and enjoy when folks are creative and want to get involved. YES...We do read ALL emails!  #HOCKEYPLAYERSUNITE