Gathering support for our TROOPS so they can play HOCKEY & a few hours of 'nothing else matters'      #hockeyplayersunite  

SO FAR in only three years, because of the amazing support, we've been able to provide about 800 Military Service Members and their family members with ice time, tickets to live games, sent care packages to our Hockey playing Troops currently in deployed and provided valuable work experience and training within our organization to assist in transitioning from Military to Civilian life. A few Soldiers have met some of their favorite NHL teams including BRUINS, PENGUINS, AVALANCHE, SAN JOSE, RED WINGS, CAPITALS, PREDS & BLACKHAWKS! Designed their own jersey's, visited the Howard Stern Studio in NYC #BA-BA Booey! Hung out with Damien and the boys of the Player Safety Department in NYC with NHL. Played in a private surprise game with the Beauties of Notre Dame Men's Hockey Team. Skated with UGA Hockey Foundation, University of Denver, University of Pittsburgh at Greenberg, Robert Morris University, Univ of Alabama, Washington Huskies, Vanderbilt and more. FDNY Fire & Ice Hockey Team along with Pub 71  Team, Wild Wings and Kennesaw. Staybridge Suites Ft. Benning keeping the hockey families together while visiting the Troops. ESPN SportsCenter John Buccigross "Over Time Challenge" has included Hockey Saves in their circle of support and some of the best hockey friendly bar's in NYC "The HALF KING"  in helping to kick-start this program...While Jayson Megna provided equipment and well deserved ice time for the Troops and made sure our deployed Troops had nets & hockey equipment to enjoy . The CHICAGO Blackhawks Alumni treated our Troops to a full game.. And BRIDGESTONE brought Troops to the WINTER CLASSIC 2015 in Washington DC. AND So much more...#hockeyplayersunite

WHAT STARTED OUT  with a few pushy outspoken New Yorkers, living through the September 11th era, wanting to say 'Thank You' with a single pick up game of hockey has now turned into many people around the world wanting to say "Thank You"  with a little hockey. (Hockey people truly are the best people #hockeyplayersuniteThis has turned into an organization developed, managed and operated by members of our Military and a few civilians who met on the ice while playing Hockey.

LET'S SUPPORT our hero 'beauties' by providing a Hockey outlet and ice therapy. Say “Thank you” with the power of the Game.  We've already started this project and it’s WORKING. Feel free to creep our website, Twitter @hockey_saves or Instagram: hockey_saves ,PERISCOPE and Pinterest pages to see how the support is helping so a part of it.


HOCKEY SAVES  is a play on words which caught on to an accidental project after discovering how helpful the game of ice hockey can be for people. "Saves"  are a good thing in the hockey world..... You know, "Nice save"  or "Did you see that save?" ..."He saved the game"   The Game itself "saves" many people. HOCKEY is like noodle soup for the soul...from this, a simple idea emerged... What better way to thank a Soldier ?

 We're excited to announce we are a 501(c)3 exempt non-profit. Well done to all those who worked hard to achieve we're working hard to keep our Service Members enjoying all things HOCKEY and having a few hours of 'nothing else matters.'