Gathering support for our TROOPS so they can play HOCKEY & a few hours of 'nothing else matters'      #hockeyplayersunite  

"What Hockey means to me..."

"I know for myself  it keeps my mind on the ice. I don't think about work. I think about the game and how much fun I'm having."

     - SGT Wichmann, U.S. ARMY, Husband, Father and Defenseman


"Hockey Saves gives me the opportunity to relate with fellow Soldiers on another level and that's playing the game we love."

     - SSG Souders, U.S. ARMY, Father and Forward


"Hockey Saves gives me a chance to play hockey with my family, fellow brothers and sisters throughout the Military."

    - SGT Herrick,  U.S. ARMY, Husband, Father, Forward & Defenseman


"It's a blast to play hockey again, especially with fellow soldiers. I played in pick-up games and attended live hockey games.  Thank you for your support and allowing us to "keep our sticks on the ice."

     -CPT Johnson, U.S. ARMY, Defenseman


"Hockey Saves gives me a way to do something I love to escape the demands of the Military."

     - A1C Stutman, U.S. AIR FORCE, Husband, Forward


"After several deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan, I've enjoyed this developing hockey community and program, going to watch the Gwinnett Gladiators in Atlanta with fellow hockey playing Soldiers."


   - Capt. Kidd, U.S. ARMY, Husband, Father, Goalie and token Canadian-American of the group.