Gathering support for our TROOPS so they can play HOCKEY & a few hours of 'nothing else matters'      #hockeyplayersunite  

Welcome to Hockey Saves!

Everything about this program is developed for Service members by service members & a few civilians who wanted to say "Thanks"      



"What Hockey means to me..."

"Hockey Saves is important to me because it shows people still appreciate what me and my fellow soldiers do on a daily basis"
     - SGT Bierman, U.S. ARMY, Husband, Forward or Defenseman


"I know for myself  it keeps my mind on the ice. I don't think about work. I think about the game and how much fun I'm having."

     - SGT Wichmann, U.S. ARMY, Husband, Father and Defenseman


"Hockey Saves gives me the opportunity to relate with fellow Soldiers on another level and that's playing the game we love."

     - SSG Souders, U.S. ARMY, Father and Forward


"Hockey Saves gives me a chance to play hockey with my family, fellow brothers and sisters throughout the Military."

    - SGT Herrick,  U.S. ARMY, Husband, Father, Forward & Defenseman


"It's a blast to play hockey again, especially with fellow soldiers. I played in pick-up games and attended Columbus Cottonmouths hockey games.  Thank you for your support and allowing us to "keep our sticks on the ice."

     -CPT Johnson, U.S. ARMY, Defenseman


"Hockey Saves gives me a way to do something I love to escape the demands of the Military."

     - A1C Stutman, U.S. AIR FORCE, Husband, Forward


"After several deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan, I've enjoyed this developing hockey community and program, going to watch the Gwinnett Gladiators in Atlanta and The Columbus Cottonmouths with fellow hockey playing Soldiers."


   - Capt. Kidd, U.S. ARMY, Husband, Father, Goalie and token Canadian-American of the group.




28 / 01 / 2013

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